Magformers – the new Legos?

For Christmas, my kids each got a set of Magformers.  Before then, they had never seen these magnetic toys before.  My daughter got a castle set, and my son got a car set.  These have been HUGE hits with the kids!  My kids have long been Lego lovers, but they have hardly touched their Legos since getting Magformers.  They have played with these new toys almost every day, and their friends have enjoyed them too!  Are Magformers the new Legos??  One downside to Magformers is their cost, they are quite expensive.  I’ve been watching their cost for a few months now, and rarely can I find them for less than $1 a piece.  I am already planning on giving them new sets for Easter and their birthdays.  I do recommend these toys for all kids!

This is the set that I bought for my 4 year old for Christmas:


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