NFL Discontinues Super Bowl Lottery

… and by doing so they’ve dashed my hopes of being able to get Super Bowl LII tickets!

We are big football fans!  Well, not as much me as Glenn.  I don’t have a favorite team, but I enjoy watching games with him on Sunday afternoon.  We both LOVE the Super Bowl!  I, like so many women, watch it mostly for the commercials.  But, I always end up getting SO into the game.  I’ve ALWAYS said that I want to go to the Super Bowl some year.  I recently read about the Super Bowl lottery.  I read how if you send a certified letter to the NFL, they put them in to a random drawing for people to buy Super Bowl tickets!  I researching it a little further, drafted my letter, then took it to the Post Office to mail it out as certified mail.  Then, I started daydreaming about how much fun it’d be!

I actually believed I would win.  Well, today my certified letter was returned to me.  I went on the NFL website and found the following statement.  (You can read it directly from the NFL here)

The NFL Super Bowl Random Drawing was designed to reach our fans who participate in the lottery and want to win an opportunity to be a part of the Super Bowl experience.  We thank you for your support and participation.  In the coming weeks, we will provide updated procedures on to better service and connect with our fans.  Please note that the P.O. Box in Strongsville, Ohio is closed and will not accept mail at this time.  Any letters sent to this address will not be included in our new registration process for Super Bowl LII in Minnesota.  Thank you for your patience and we look forward to reconnecting soon. 


The National Football League”

The NFL just made this announcement yesterday so I haven’t been able to find any additional information on the “updated procedure” for the general population to obtain Super Bowl tickets at standard costs.

I guess I will need to start stalking the NFL website hoping to find out how to get my name in the hat for tickets to next year’s Super Bowl.  If any of my readers learn of the new process, please pass the info on to me.  I’m not giving up hope yet!

Such a waste of cute doggy stamp - and the $3.84 it cost me to mail it.

Such a waste of cute doggy stamp – and the $3.84 it cost me to mail it.


3 thoughts on “NFL Discontinues Super Bowl Lottery

  1. Randy says:

    Will you update us when you find the new procedure? I could not find the statement you found on I was lucky enough to attend Super Bowl LI because for the random drawing (lottery).


    • staciarae says:

      ABSOLUTELY! I’ve been checking the website daily. I will most definitely update others when I find out what the new process for the Super Bowl lottery will be. Thanks!


  2. Jojs ete says:

    I was sooooooooooo bummed when I saw this today!!!!!! Such high hopes to win the drawing. 😦

    Let us know if you get an update for a new drawing


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