Home Chef Review: Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Pasta

My review is . . . it’s good, you should try it.

That about sums it up.  We’ve been ordering from Home Chef once or twice a month for three months now.  Almost all of the meals have turned out really well.  Full disclosure, I’m a vegetarian so I usually only eat the side dishes but the rest of my family eats meat and they’ve been very happy with all the meals but one (the burritos were not good).

Tonight I made the Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Pasta.  I was very excited about this dish because it’s vegetarian.  This recipe was very easy to follow, the prep time was minimal, and the dish was very good.  I followed the recipe to a T.  If I were to make this dish again, I would make a few changes.  First, I would not put in that much crushed red pepper.  I love spicy foods, but there was just too much crushed red pepper in this.  Next, I would chop the artichokes and cut the stems off the spinach.  Otherwise, this recipe is great as is.  The curly pasta is thick, the sauce is creamy, it has just the right amount of garlic & spinach, and the crouton topping is crunchy.  It’s a good dish.  In fact, I’m thinking about going out for another bowl right now!

I ordered 4 servings and it filled an 11×7 baking dish.  This is one of the only Home Chef recipes we’ve tried that I actually think is truly about 4 servings.  Maybe we’re just big eaters, but we’ve found all the dishes to be too small.

My opinion of Home Chef:

While we’ve been happy with most of the meals we’ve received, this will likely be our last delivery.  As I mentioned up above, most of the meals are too small for us.  We order the 4 serving meals, but for us it’s more like 2 servings.  That one meal cost $40.  If I order 2 meals for the week, the cost is $80, which is not much less than my entire week’s grocery budget.  Earlier this week, we had a Home Chef Chicken and Potatoes meal.  That was also very good, but cost $40.  I could’ve made that myself for less than $15.  Yes, you’re paying for the convenience of having everything (and I mean everything!) delivered right to your doorstep – I get that- but for us right now, it’s just not economical to pay that much extra when I drive past the grocery store 5 times a week.

I only had one interaction with the Home Chef customer service, but it was an excellent one.  One of the meals we received arrived with rotten tomatoes.  Luckily, I had tomatoes on hand, so I used the one’s I had.  I emailed Home Chef about the rotten tomatoes, and they immediately credited my account $15, which I thought was very generous of them.

I have picked up a lot of new cooking techniques through these meals too.  I’ve usually boil or steam our veggies.  Many of the Home Chef recipes we’ve tried directs you to bake them with olive oil.  I’ve picked up new ways to cook chicken and mashed potatoes.  I’ve also discovered a love of cauliflower rice, thanks to Home Chef!

So, while I won’t be ordering from Home Chef again for a while, I will continue to check the app, read the recipes, and review the cooking methods.  Maybe I’ll learn some new techniques.

If you’d like to try Home Chef for yourself, you can click my affiliate link below and save $30 off your first order:



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